If you are on vacation in Margarita Island or plan to spend a vacation in this beautiful tourist place. KOi Dental offers you the best prices of Venezuela for tourists. We have several offers and plans, in addition to standing out for our professionalism, dental aesthetics and health, we are honest to offer the same costs for our patients in Venezuela and the estimated new patients from abroad. Come and live the KOi Dental experience, saving but getting the most in health, hygiene and dental aesthetics.


Scheduling an appointment abroad for an extraction of "wisdom teeth" may seem strange, but more and more people from all over Europe and especially the United States are making appointments with dentists abroad. This not only happens in the United States or Europe; For example, a considerable number of people travel annually to Margarita Island, Venezuela, from Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Argentina to schedule appointments with dentists, as patients of short-term dental procedures.

This trend has been called "dental tourism". Margarita Island, besides being known worldwide as the Pearl of the Caribbean for its natural beauty and great tourist attractions, is one of the favorite destinations for dental tourism or odontological tourism.

According to statistics from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States), more than 500,000 Americans traveled outside the country for dental care in 2013, and this figure is increasing every year, the reason is because foreign patients can save up to 75% of the cost of dental procedures while enjoying a beautiful vacation in Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The majority of dental tourism or dental tourism patients in Margarita come from Latin America: Brazil, Colombia and Argentina; followed by Europe, with a balanced distribution of foreign dental patients. Many of these tourists simply cannot pay in their countries the cost of an orthodontic treatment, periodontics, oral esthetics or some general dentistry service, so they choose to travel to receive high quality professional services at lower costs. Currently, Venezuela is one of the favorite destinations, particularly Margarita Island for its great tourism potential and professional medical guild in dentistry, as we have in KOi Dental.

Margarita is one of the three beautiful islands that make up the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, world-renowned for being tourist attraction in multiple areas, this tropical paradise is located in the warm Caribbean Sea northeast of the city of Caracas, the capital of the country . Without a doubt, Margarita Island is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Venezuela and the Caribbean.

On our beautiful Margarita Island you can do everything, both in the day, in the afternoon and also in the evenings. There are multiple activities, excursions and tours for all tastes and ages, something obligatory is to visit and take a good bath in the beautiful and clean beaches of Margarita Island, there are paradisiacal beaches to relax, virgin beaches and some of the best beaches of the world for extreme sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing itself; Margarita Island also has several castles, churches, natural attractions and in its history there is no lack of important bloody battles and pirate attacks... In our beautiful Margarita Island you can practice a wide variety of activities and water sports.

On Margarita Island your vacation will be sensational, all activities are relatively close, and there are many tourist agencies that are responsible for moving, to visit beautiful places, such as the tropical labyrinth and the unforgettable Laguna de La Restinga where you can relax boat ride or kayak, both during the day, through tunnels of trees and mangroves, so you can get in touch with nature, to romantic boat trips in the moonlight, excursions to nearby islands, where fun never It ends, and you can even practice snorkeling and diving to discover the wonderful creatures, reefs and vegetation that inhabit the waters of La Perla del Caribe.


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